The Bulletin Archive

Each year in the Spring and Fall Associates receive a 32-page issue of the Bulletin, the Order's official publication. The full range of news about what the Order and State Societies are doing is reported in detail. In addition, historical articles written by Associates are featured.

Read: Vol. LXXXX, - Spring 2015 - Whole No. 194 (Format: PDF | Size: 14 mb)

Register of Lineages of Associates

The Order of the Founders and Patriots of America has compiled a complete record of the names and genealogical data of every Associate from General Order Number 1 in 1896 to General order Number 5383!

This elegant, hardback set of valuable genealogical data will be prized for years not only by libraries and genealogical societies, but by all students of American genealogy and by those whose families are recorded therein for posterity.

The Register - Volume 5

Register of Lineages of Associates, 4968-5383

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